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  1. I Love Your Web Page, Very Professional, And Eye Catching. Absolutely Beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terriers’s.

  2. Love Your Website, Very Professional, And Eye Catching. Absolutely Beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terriers’s.

  3. Hello…I would LOVE a puppy some day, but…. Have 3 older cats. I will keep in touch !

  4. Hi Christine! My SBT’s have always done great with cats/kitties-Cats always rule. lol. We have more, and more current, pics on Facebook@ shastastaffordsanddobermans

  5. Thank you for such a welcoming site. The emphasis on family and responsible approach to canine breeding are a winning combination.

  6. Thanks so much Garrett. Would love to have you part of the Team someday! Don’t forget to check out the Facebook Page for the most current pics. (<:

  7. Corrine, my wife & I would love to meet with you and to be considered for adding one of your Staffys to our household. We live in Weed and could come down at your convenience.
    Thank you & be safe,
    Raymond & Linda

  8. Hi , I’m trying to fill out an application but the website won’t allow it yo be submitted. Please see I go here instead.

    Hi I found your information from Kristina Estlund and Kimberly Washington through SBTCA
    We rescued a sweet 2 yo Staffy 6 yrs ago
    We adore her and think it is time to add a puppy see that you have a potential litter soon
    Please send me more info about your waitlist policies costs etc
    Also feel free to send an application or anything else you would like to know about us

    Thank you

    Staffy Clark

  9. I would love to have a puppy of yours but am unable to send you an email to give you my contact information. Your contact page is not working. Help!

  10. Hi,

    We put down our male staffy yesterday and are looking for a female staffordshire puppy.

    Please contact us if you have any puppies available or any upcoming scheduled breedings.

    Thank you.

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